Friday, March 26, 2010

Candle Holder Project

My own candle holder project. I made it from recycled materials. These materials are very common and is available in you households. Try and let your creativity decide.

Candle Holder Project

Monday, March 22, 2010

I just started my own farmville in my backyard. It's not a farmville on facebook where everybody are addicted to. It's my own farmville in my own backyard.

It was farmville and farmtown that encouraged me to start my own garden. I started my garden with some string beans, tomatoes and bell peppers. I will post pictures of them soon.

But since I have a very limited area, I opt to put them on pots and cans (recycled empty cans) and arranged them in such a way that they have enough room to grow.

It is a good exercise and a form of relaxation when I tend my garden (I called it my farmville). It's nice to see how they develop and grow every single day.

You too can start your own garden just like what you did in farmville. The process is the same, you prepare the soil (you plow), you plant the seeds, water them occasionally, weed them and wait 'til harvest time. If it takes 24 hours to harvest in farmville, in real gardening you wait at least 45 days before you can harvest (at least). But its worth the wait. Have it a try now.